PFLAG Cedar Rapids is proud to announce the Lorinda Ampey PFLAG Scholarship to outstanding Iowa high school seniors, or non-traditional students who advocate and educate their schools, communities, themselves and/or their families about human rights. Academic persistence, extracurricular activities, specifically active in their school’s GSA and community involvement also factor into the awards. The scholarships are $100 minimum each. The number of awards varies each year based on the number and quality of applicants and the funds available. Click to download

Applicants must be Iowa residents and plan to pursue post-secondary education. There is no restriction on the type or location of the institution where post-secondary education is obtained. Scholarships are awarded without regard to sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, transgender status, race, religion, marital status or employment status of the prospective recipient.

The student must have a faculty member or other adult write a recommendation for them putting their name forward. If you are a non-traditional student this scholarship may be exactly what you are looking for to make ends meet. There is no deadline for submission. Funds may not be available based on how many students apply. Student names may be submitted to PFLAG Cedar Rapids at .

Application:         Date: ______________________________

Student Name: _______________________________________________________________

Student Street Address: _________________________________________________________

Student City, State Zip: __________________________________________________________

Student phone number: __________________________________________________________

Student email: __________________________________________________________________

High School and graduation date: ___________________________________________________

College or colleges this student is considering attending:_________________________________

Name of Faculty/Staff submitting student for consideration: _____________________________

Position held at High School: ________________________________________________________

Contact information for Faculty/Staff : ________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________________

Mailing address: ___________________________________________________________________

Faculty/Staff: Please describe the reason you nominated this student for consideration towards this scholarship. Feel free to use a second page. Let us thank you in advance for putting this students name forward.

This page updated June 8, 2016